firewood in sacks firewood in 1,8m3 boxes kindlings(firestarters)
Firewood in cellular sacks. The length of firewood is 30 cm. The dimensions of the sack are: 50×65. The weight of firewood in sack 40 l is 14-16 kg. 60-72 units of sacks filled with firewood are placed in wooden box. The firewood is placed in wooden boxes.
The dimensions of wooden box are: 120x85x200 cm.
The firewood may be fresh or dried in drying room.
Wood sorts: mixed, alder, birch, ash, oak.
Tree species: Spruce / Pine
Package: 4kg bag
Humidity: up to 18%
Height: 160-200 mm
Width: 20 mm
Thickness: 22 mm

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